District Equipment

District Container

13m x 3m Pop up Shelter with sides and 4 foot weights
14.5m x 3m Pop up shelter with sides and 4 foot weights, With a gutter to link the roofs
26m x 6m Marquee. With a gutter to link the roofs
24m x 3m Gala party tent  
2Folding chairs
1Folding table
1Day shelter/tent
1Folding camp bed
1FA Flag
1Single head portable flag pole 6m high
1Triple head portable flag pole 10m high
1Bag flags including Union, District and others
Archery kit
12Small bows
6Large bows
2Target boss
2Target stands
2Back nets (in need of replacement)
19Two Way  PMR radios with chargers
3Floor standing forecourt style display boards
1Union Standard with bag and base
1District Standard with bag
4Stop watches (? Batteries needed)
1Indoor PA system with two-column speakers, 12v/240v amplifier, mic’s and cables
To book the above equipment please contact HardenN@forestofdeanscouts.org

Explorer Equipment

Severn Steelers
1Flag pole with top & bag
1Explorer unit flag
1Union flag, stitched
4Gas trangia stoves
2First aid kits
2Large Frying pans
21st Aid kit
4Plastic table
2Large billies
1Double burner cooker with grill
2Fokker Cooker
1Frame shelter
4Trangia sets
1Coleman Events shelter with sides
3Vango tent
4Air rifle
1Cool Box
1gas bottle
3Kayak Approach 10
3Kayak Approach 9
2Dagger Approach 9.0
2Dagger Katana 9.7
12Kayak paddles
4Kayak helmets
4Kayak Bouyancy Aids
10Spray decks
7Canadian canoes
1Canoe trailer
12Canoe paddles
1Box trailer
5Climbing harness
5Climbing helmets
1Coleman event shelter
1Electric hot plate
4Hike tents
20Buoyancy aids- used for Water Activity Day
1Large event shelter
2Little Annie (Resuscitation trainer)
2Portable toilets
1Tea urn
3Trangia stoves

Clearwell & Sling

4Caterpillar slide bands
Contact clearwellandsling@forestofdeanscouts.org

1st Cinderford 

9Buoyancy Aids, small
Contact cinderford@forestofdeanscouts.org

Beaver Lodge

Aerial Runway