District training

The training that we need to do depends on our roles. You should have a personal learning plan (PLP) that outlines the training you need to complete, which you can check on compass

The District training calendar can be found below. The County training calendar can be found at https://bookwhen.com/gscouts#focus=ev-slhu-20231121180000

Training can be completed using different methods depending on the module. You can check the module matrix below to see the modules, their descriptions, and the methods of completion available.

Upcoming Training (Module 12A & 12B)

Module 12A – Delivering a Quality Programme

Delivering a Quality Programme, is designed for Leaders, Managers and Supporters with information about how to deliver Quality Scouting to young people, and how we ensure it meets their needs. This module is recommended as essential and a priority in everyone’s training plan.

Module 12B – Programme Planning

Programme Planning, is designed to provide all those who work in sections with an opportunity to plan and review a sectional programme, using a variety of methods to generate programme ideas.

Both modules are an essential part of the Training Scheme and will benefit all.

These modules will be on Saturday 2nd December at Mitcheldean Community Centre.


You may wish to have a look at the ‘running your section’ and programme checker resources below

Validation Sessions

Remember that once you have completed modules and put the learning into place that you need to have it validated by a Training Advisor, this can be by meeting and discussing the module, by them observing you, or other means suitable and appropriate.If you are ready to have a module(s) validated please do get in touch with the relevant training advisor, as listed below, and they will arrange a date and time to meet, either face to face or online.

We have restarted our regular drop-in validation sessions on 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Salvation Army Building, North Road, Broadwell GL16 7BX. If you want to pop in send us a quick email to let us know you are coming would be appreciated.

First Response Training

Please remember everyone with an appointment in scouting must have a valid first aid qualification of some type.

The training is available as full face to face sessions or self-study and online classrooms sessions followed by a practical assessment which must be completed within 6 months of attending the other modules.

Full face to face training and online sessions are also now available, please see training diary above or on Gloucestershire County Website, training page available here

To help us get as many leaders as possible trained in the coming months we are continuing to use the ‘Blended’ delivery model pioneered by Hampshire Scouts

The Blended Model from Hampshire scouts has 3 stages

  1. Module 10A – First Aid theory – Self Study. This is a flexible e-learning module and takes around 2.5 hours (more details below).
  2. Module 10A – First Aid theory – Facilitated Learning. This is an online classroom session delivered by a First Aid Trainer and takes around 2.5 hours. We are looking at putting these on from mid-September onwards.
  3. Module 10B – First Aid practical. This is a short 30-minute session covering assessment of a casualty and CPR. This is run face to face only. We will be putting on another session in the District in March.This new approach is far more flexible for the learner and allows our trainers to focus on delivering one type of session instead of 3 different sessions, giving us a bit more capacity.

To register for the Hampshire Scouts e-learning click here

Mandatory and Compliance Training

For adults new to scouting there is initial mandatory training available to help you make the most of your role, stay safe and most of all have fun. Please contact the team if you do need help, especially in deciding which modules you need, we call this a personal learning plan (PLP). Safety and safeguarding training need to be renewed every 3 years.

The links to these online mandatory training modules can be found here. If you have difficulty with online courses, for what ever reason, please let your line manager or the training team know, we can offer other formats if required.

Safety Training: https://learning.scouts.org.uk/safety/index.html#/

Safeguarding Training: https://learning.scouts.org.uk/safeguarding/index.html#/

Understanding GDPR: https://learning.scouts.org.uk/gdpr-training/index.html#/

Those of you who have taken on a role as part of an executive committee will need to complete the “Trustee information” module: https://learning.scouts.org.uk/trustee/ index.html#/

New adults to scouting will need to complete modules 1 and 3 which explains the basics of Scouting, its history, fundamentals and policies.

Module 1, Essential Information: https://learning.scouts.org.uk/essential/ index.html#/

Module 3, Tools for the role for section leaders (or 4 for Managers): https:// learning.scouts.org.uk/the-role-section-leaders/index.html#/id/co-05

All this training is available to help you make the most of your volunteering in scouting, stay safe and most of all have fun. Please contact the team if you do need help, especially in deciding which modules you need, we call this a personal learning plan (PLP).

Who are the members of the training team in the Forest of Dean?

Woody Woodruff

Local Training Manager

Martin Williams

Local Training Administrator

Mayhill & Huntley, Newent, Staunton & Corse

Ang Healy

Training Advisor


Carol Rushton

Training Advisor

Ruardean, Mitcheldean

Gareth Ovens

County Trainer, Training Advisor

District Explorers

Emma Spiller

Training Advisor

Clearwell & Sling

Stephanie Ovens

County Trainer, Training Advisor

Mark Westwood

Trainer for Exec/Committees, Training Advisor, Young Leaders

St Briavels, Royal Forest, Aylburton & Lydney