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Thank you! We have had over 6,000 badges ordered during the lockdown!

You have been amazing! It was great that so many Scout Groups across the world embraced the purpose and meaning of our badge.

Unfortunately, we have stopped taking orders except from the Forest of Dean District.

​If you have placed and paid for an order, don’t worry though, we will get your badges to you as soon as we can. 

The purpose of this badge is to provide activities for any Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer who is affected by the Coronavirus. This includes young people in self isolation, missing meetings due to cancellations or the closure of schools.

To earn the ‘Carry on Scouting’ Badge, you need to complete as many activities listed below as you can. Your leader will decide how many you need to do. You must wear your uniform when you do the activities and take a photo or video of you performing it. Your Leader will decide if they want the photos and videos upload to a secure Facebook page or handed in when you return to regular Scout meetings.

So here we go – here are the activities:

  • Set up a camp in your garden, bedroom or another room in your home and sleep there for at least two nights
  • Lay a tracking trail around your home and garden for your family to find the hidden treasure (chocolate is always a good idea)
  • Learn how to wash, dry and iron your scout uniform
  • Prepare and serve a meal for your family (and wash up afterwards)
  • Learn to tie 6 knots from watching videos on YouTube.
  • Hold an online meeting with your leaders and other Young People to plan the programme for term when Scout meetings re-start*
  • Telephone or facetime 5 people you know who are on their own and would like some company*
  • Wash your hands whilst singing “happy birthday to me” twice
  • Send messages to other Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers (or your leaders) using secret codes such as Morse code, semaphore
  • Make a model of a Scout Campsite using craft or recycled materials
  • Make the tallest tower you can which can take the weight of an orange (or apple) using just 20 sheets of newspaper and 1 roll of sticky tape.
  • Make a bug hotel or bird box
  • Learn how to change a tyre on a bike or car
  • Practice your first aid on a member of your family. Put on a triangular bandage (you can use your neckerchief), put your casualty in the recovery position, and know how to treat a burn or scold, bandage an arm or leg.
  • Design a poster promoting your Scout section.
  • Learn a new skill, such as a craft, DIY, art, language or performing arts
  • Go stargazing in your garden. Identify different stars and constellations.
  • Build mini-pioneering projects such as a catapult, tower, gateway or bridge
  • Create a webpage about the history of either:
    • Scouting
    • Your family
    • Local area
  • Design a new uniform for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers
  • Make a collage of your favourite scouting activity
  • Make a kite
  • Play a board game with your family
  • Build a mini raft for your teddy so they can go in the bath
  • Have a pancake day
  • Learn the promise and law off by heart
  • Draw a map of the local area, include symbols and places of local interest
  • Build and decorate a Scout themed junk model
  • Design and make a new Scout board game
  • Write a prayer or thought of the day about either:
    • Caring for others
    • When life is hard
    • Worry, anxiety or stress
    • Thankful for others’ actions
    • Caring for the environment
    • Making each day special

Don’t forget to take photos or videos and check with your leader to find the best way to share them. Your leader will also tell you how many activities you need to complete to earn the badge.

*Where activities involve online messaging, please ensure leaders refer to the Yellow Card or POR to ensure they protect themselves and the young people they support.  

Good luck and enjoy!

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